Family Life Can Be Hard Sometimes

Family. . . we all have one - somewhere! Most of us live in a family of some kind.

Sometimes the family we know breaks up, and this can be a very difficult time for children.

Mum and dad may no longer love each other, and may fight and be nasty to each other, but this is still YOUR mum and YOUR dad, and you love them both. You are caught in the middle of a war that you don’t want to fight!


Your parents separation is NOT your fault!

Even if it feels like it is.

This can be a difficult time for you, but it is NOT your responsibility to fix the problems between your parents. It is their relationship that is the problem.


Your parents may say hurtful things, and be angry much of the time. They may even yell at you lots, or call you names, or put you down.

Try to go out of the house, or out of the room when they are fighting. Play outside, or in your bedroom, and try to block out the sound.

At a time when your parents are not fighting, tell them how you are feeling about what they are doing. Express your feelings using “I statements” - “I feel really sad and scared when you and dad fight.”


Talk to someone outside of your home about how you’re feeling - maybe an aunty or a friend or neighbour.

Seeing and hearing your parents fighting is not good for you. It affects your learning, your sleep, your relationships with others, and often your behaviour.

Don’t try and struggle through alone. Talk with someone you trust.

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